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Fleece Jackets

Gen III Military fleece jackets and USMC Polartec Classic Series fleece jackets are outstanding in moderate to cold weather climates. Both Half-Sip and Full Zip jackets are 100% Polyester, Durable and designed to active wear. Stay warm this winter.

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Brand: PolarTec

Men's Military Polartec Classic 300 Series Cold Weather Fleece Jacket Coat Black Size Large

Size LARGE. Part of the Extended Cold Weather Clothing System (ECWCS) Generation II Polartec Classic 300 When used in combination with other layers in the ECWCS system, the system will provide protection between 40°F and -40°F (4°C and -40°C) Warmth without weight, Highly breathable, Dries quickly, Durable, Machine washable NSN: 8415-01-461-8356
Price $89.95

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