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CBRN Gas Masks & Hazmat Gear
South Korean Gas Masks and CBRN 40mm filters offers advanced protection against chemical, biological, airborne particle hazards, ensuring safety in diverse environments

CBRN Gas Masks & Hazmat Gear

The South Korean Gas Mask is a cutting-edge professional-grade reusable respirator designed to provide unparalleled protection against a wide spectrum of threats. Engineered for comfort and effectiveness, this reusable gas mask is a crucial asset for safety personnel, first responders, industrial and agriculture applications, as well as individuals preparing for emergency situations.

The CBRN filter canister, featuring activated carbon technology and HEPA filter, effectively removes toxic impurities from the air, maintaining clean and breathable airflow. The HEPA filter has an effective efficiency rating of 99.97% removal of airborne particles with size of .3 microns. The CBRN canister is sold separately unless otherwise stated. Compatible with other 40mm filter types. Thread: 40mm in accordance with NATO STANAG 4155 and EN148-1. 

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