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South Korean K3 NATO CBRN Reusable Full Face Gas Mask Respirator with Hydration System
  • South Korean K3 NATO CBRN Reusable Full Face Gas Mask Respirator with Hydration System
  • South Korean K3 NATO CBRN Reusable Full Face Gas Mask Respirator with Hydration System
  • K3 Military Army NATO CBRN Gas Mask Amplifier Port
  • Military K3 CBRN NBC Gas Mask Kit
  • Military K3 CBRN NBC Gas Mask Kit
  • K3 Gas Mask Spec Sheet
  • K3 Gas Mask Spec Sheet
  • K3 Gas Mask Spec Sheet
  • Military K3 CBRN NBC Gas Mask Kit
  • Military K3 CBRN NBC Gas Mask Inside
  • NATO 40mm NBC CBRN Gas Mask Replacement Filter
  • NATO 40mm NBC CBRN Gas Mask Replacement Filter
  • NATO 40mm NBC CBRN Gas Mask Replacement Filter

Genuine South Korean K3 NATO CBRN Reusable Full Face Gas Mask Respirator with Hydration System

K3 Gas Mask

Genuine South Korean K3 CBRN NBC Full Face Gas Mask Respirator.  Choose gas mask only, mask with one or two CBRN filters. Any questions please contact us. 

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Description: The South Korean K3 Gas Mask is a cutting-edge professional-grade reusable respirator designed to provide unparalleled protection against a wide spectrum of threats. Engineered for comfort and effectiveness, this reusable gas mask is a crucial asset for safety personnel, first responders, industrial and agriculture applications, as well as individuals preparing for emergency situations. The mask it also very useful with painting, sanding, woodworking, demolition and renovation work.

Condition: New. Sealed in foil packaging. MFG 2023.  

Size: Medium. The K3 is only made in one size and is compatible with most users.

About the K3 Gas Mask Respirator:

  • Advanced Defense: The South Korean Gas Mask offers advanced protection against chemical, biological, airborne particle hazards, ensuring safety in diverse environments.

  • Enhanced Comfort: Designed with ergonomic considerations, the mask ensures a secure fit and comfortable wearing experience for extended periods. Incudes antifogging technology and 6-point fire retardant adjustable mesh head harness. The field of vision is 75% and weight is 1.14 lbs. (520 grams.)

  • Clear Communication: Equipped with an integrated voice diaphragm, the K3 mask enables clear and effective communication even in high-stress situations. To further help communication there is an optional external voice amplifier (sold separately). Compatible with military helmets and communication systems.

  • Reliable Filtration: The CBRN filter canister, featuring activated carbon technology and HEPA filter, effectively removes toxic impurities from the air, maintaining clean and breathable airflow. The HEPA filter has an effective efficiency rating of 99.97% removal of airborne particles with size of .3 microns. The CBRN canister is sold separately unless otherwise stated. Compatible with other 40mm filter types. Thread: 40mm in accordance with NATO STANAG 4155 and EN148-1. 

  • Professional-Grade Build: Trusted by the South Korean government and 19 other countries, the K3 gas mask boasts a durable construction that meets rigorous NATO quality standards. Includes impact and scratch resistant polycarbonate lenses.

  • Versatile Application & Included Hydration Port: Ideal for professional personnel, preppers, first responders, and prepared citizens, offering comprehensive protection when it's needed most. Integrated high flow hydration system connection port is compatible with US Type A adapters. Self-locking. When water flow valve is turned on the internal hydration tube repositions itself for drinking. When turned off the internal tube stows away from user's mouth. Compatible with canteens and back worn hydration systems.

  • Peace of Mind: Be prepared for the unexpected with the K3 Gas Mask, a dependable companion that ensures personal safety in the face of uncertain threats.

  • Quick Deployment: The mask's intuitive design allows for swift deployment, enabling users to respond promptly to hazardous situations.

  • Essential Emergency Gear: A must-have addition to emergency kits, disaster supplies, and tactical gear collections, providing a critical line of defense.

  • Trusted Performance: Manufactured by Hancom Lifecare (OEM) in South Korea. They are a professional safety equipment manufacturer since 1971, specializing in gas masks respirators, protective suits and firefighting equipment.  Certification: NATO Triptych D103, assessed by TNO, Holland.

  • To view the K3 gas mask video please see our YouTube channel:


The importance of Butyl rubber on the South Korean K3 gas mask respirator:

Butyl rubber is commonly used in professional gas masks due to its exceptional properties that make it well-suited for providing a secure and reliable seal in various challenging conditions:

  1. Chemical Resistance: Butyl rubber is highly resistant to a wide range of chemicals, including many hazardous and toxic substances that military personnel may encounter in warfare or other hazardous environments.

  2. Impermeability: Butyl rubber has low permeability to gases and liquids, making it an effective barrier against chemical agents and other contaminants that could compromise the integrity of the gas mask seal.

  3. Flexibility and Elasticity: It is flexible and elastic, allowing it to conform well to different face shapes and sizes, ensuring a snug and secure fit for various individuals.

  4. Temperature Resistance: Butyl rubber remains effective over a wide temperature range, from extreme cold to high heat, making it suitable for various operational environments.

  5. Durability: The rubber exhibits good resistance to aging, weathering, and degradation from exposure to sunlight, which is crucial for the longevity of gas masks that might be stored for extended periods.

  6. Sealing Properties: The combination of elasticity and low permeability in butyl rubber ensures an airtight seal between the gas mask and the wearer's face, preventing any leakage of contaminated air.

  7. Compatibility: Butyl rubber is compatible with a variety of materials used in gas mask construction, including plastics, metals, and other rubber components.

Considering the potentially life-threatening situations military personnel might face, the use of butyl rubber in gas masks helps ensure a reliable and effective seal, minimizing the risk of exposure to harmful agents and enhancing overall safety.

 South Korean K3 Gas Mask Respirator Specifications by Hank's Surplus

South Korean K3 Gas Mask Performance Specification Sheet by Hank's Surplus

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K3 Gas Mask
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