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K10 CBRN Gas Mask
  • K10 CBRN Gas Mask
  • K10 CBRN gas mask
  • K10 CBRN gas mask
  • K10 CBRN gas mask
  • K10 CBRN gas mask
  • K10 gas mask size spec sheet
  • K10 gas mask performance spec sheet
  • K10 gas mask performance spec sheet
  • K10 gas mask performance spec sheet
  • K10 gas mask performance spec sheet
  • 40mm CBRN Filter
  • 40mm CBRN Filter
  • 40mm CBRN Filter

Next Gen South Korean K10 NATO CBRN Gas Mask Respirator


Genuine South Korean Next Gen K10 CBRN Gas Mask Respirator.  The K10 provides complete protection against the most potential threats such as CBRN agents and Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TIC). 

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40mm CBRN Filter


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This is the Next Generation K10 CBRN gas mask respirator (Variant of K5) developed for the South Korean forces. Designed to protect the face, eyes and respiratory organs from CBRN agents and Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TIC).

  • Model: Next Gen K10
  • Size: Medium (Please review size chart to confirm correct size. Size Medium fits most adults.)
  • Gas mask and filters are sealed in foil to preserve storage lifespan.  
  • Certification: NATO Triptych D103, assessed by TNO, Holland
  • Single Visor: Wide field of vision and enhanced user recognition. Flexible, scratch and impact resistant. Integration with gun sights and night vision. Comes with one clear outsert. Optional tinted outsert is available. 
  • Dual or single canister operation. Reduced inhalation resistance in half. Compatible with single CBRN canister with DIN 40 thread. One port plug is included.  
  • Integrated hydration system connection port is compatible with US Type A Adapters. When flow valve is turned on the internal hydration tube repositions itself for drinking. When turned off the internal tube stows away from user's mouth. 
  • Optional Components Not Included: Voice amplifier, Mic & COM lead, CBRN Hood and Vision Correction. 
  • Optional CBRN filter specs please see: Genuine 40mm NATO CBRN Gas Mask Respirator Replacement Filter (
  • Adjustable mesh headband. 
  • Compatible with military helmets and communication systems. 
  • Mask Manufactured Date: 12/2023. CBRN Filter Manufactured Date:  12/2023.
  • What's Included: K10 gas mask, operation manual. One port plug. Clear outsert protection visor. (Optional grey tinted outsert.)  
  • Material: Butyl rubber. Highly resistant to CBRN/NBC agents.  
  • Manufactured in South Korea by Hancom Lifecare. They specialize in military, fire, medical and industrial safety equipment since 1971 and are a military gas mask contract holder for the South Korean government.

Domestic Shipping Terms: USPS or UPS. 

Domestic Returns: No returns once sealed packaging has been opened. Customer is responsible for returned shipping cost. 

International Shipping/Returns: Not allowed at this time. 

A gas mask provides several key benefits, including:

1. Protection from toxic substances: A gas mask provides a barrier against toxic substances in the air, such as chemicals, biological agents, and radioactive particles, by filtering the air breathed in through the mask.

2. Improved respiratory health: By filtering out harmful particles and substances, a gas mask helps to protect the wearer's respiratory system and prevent various respiratory diseases and illnesses.

3. Increased confidence in hazardous situations: Wearing a gas mask in hazardous situations can provide a sense of security and peace of mind, helping to reduce anxiety and stress.

4. Improved communication: Many gas masks feature a built-in voice diaphragm that allows the wearer to communicate clearly while wearing the mask, improving teamwork and collaboration in hazardous situations.

5. Essential in emergency situations: In the event of a chemical or biological attack, a gas mask can be a lifesaver, providing critical protection for first responders and civilians.

Overall, a gas mask is a crucial piece of personal protective equipment for those working in hazardous environments, or for those preparing for emergencies and disasters.

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